Bizarre Backroads

Get off the boring interstate highway of everyday life!  Look for the Signpost for the Strange; take the Exit to Eccentricity, the Offramp to the Odd!  Exercise your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of total weirdness!

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Tourist Traps [logotouristtraps.jpg] [logoufos.jpg] UFO's and Aliens   
Pyramids [logopyramids.jpg] [logocastles.jpg] Castles
Dinosaurs [logodinosaurs.jpg] [logobuffalo.jpg] Buffalo
Giant Animals [logogiantanimals.jpg] [logogiantthings.jpg] Giant Things
World's Largest [logoworldslargest.jpg] [logogeology.jpg] Bizarre Geology
Painted Rocks [logopaintedrocks.jpg] [logoreworkedrocks.jpg] Reworked Rocks
Bizarre Trees [logotrees.jpg] [logocactus.jpg] Bizarre Cactus
Bizarre Men [logomen.jpg] [logostatues.jpg] Statues
Memorials [logomemorials.jpg] [logopublicart.jpg] Public Art
Individuality [logoindividuality.jpg] [logobuildings.jpg] Bizarre Buildings
Tiny Churches [logotinychurches.jpg] [logotinytowns.jpg] Tiny Towns
Roads and Bridges [logoroadsbridges.jpg] [logocelltowers.jpg] Cell Towers

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