Old Route 66 in Arizona:


Neon sign at El Rancho Motel and Restaurant, one of many classic diners along the route.

The Pow Wow Trading Post was formerly a motel.

Dinosaur on Navajo Boulevard, probably also a leftover from the defunct International Dinosaur Park.

Metal dinosaur, also on Navajo Boulevard.

Petrified Rock Garden

This dinosaur will sell you a colorful rock.

Another dinosaur, with petrified wood.

Rainbow Rock Shop

Dinosaur family.

Dinosaurs large and small.

Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Company

"Wild Bill" the fossilized alligator, approximately 2.9 million years old.

Dinosaurs on parade in the parking lot.

Hatching baby dinosaur.

Turtle-like dinosaur.

A most unusually-decorated men's room: Insects, bats, fish, snakes ... and giant spiders.

A vintage auto awaits the open road.

This dinosaur guards Living West Park.
Update: Reported gone January 2020.

This mural of Route 66 covers the entire wall of a building.

Joe & Aggie's Cafe, another vintage diner still open for business.

Old neon sign at the former Navajo Motel.

Wigwam Village Motel

As evening falls, neon signs attract travelers to the Wigwam Village Motel, which has been restored and reopened by the son of the original owner. "Have You Slept in a Wigwam Lately?"

To see more photos of Holbrook's neon signs at night, take a side trip to my Neon Night page.

Classic autos are permanently parked outside of each tepee.

1959 Chevrolet Bel Air. Check out those tailfins, baby!

Inside a room -- note the sloped walls and original hickory log pole furniture.

The angled walls make taking a shower a challenge.

A small dinosaur hides among the tepees.

Night at the motel -- one of the classic cars.

A sculpture in steel, a monument to movement.

Interior of the classic car.

The Plainsman Coffee Shop sign, a perfect example of roadside architecture designed to attract the traveler's eye.

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