Old Route 66 in Arizona:

Winslow to Flagstaff

I40 Exit 239: Meteor City

"World's Longest Map of U.S. Route 66." Originally painted by artist Robert Waldmire, but since repainted (reported gone in January 2014). Note geodesic dome gift shop in background.

World's Largest Dream-catcher?

I40 Exit 233: Meteor Crater Road

Position mouse cursor over this image to see historic photo circa 1946. Move mouse cursor off image to see my 2008 photo.

The Meteor Crater Observatory opened in this building in the late 1930's, only to close a few years later. It was reopened in 1946 by Dr. Harvey H. Nininger, a pioneer in the scientific study of meteorites. For a small fee, visitors could climb the tower and look through a telescope at the rim of Meteor Crater, 6 miles to the south. The facility, which also housed the American Meteorite Museum, finally closed in 1953. The ruins are easily visible from Interstate 40, just southeast of Exit 233.

A side trip will take you to the actual Meteor Crater for a close-up view. Despite the "National Natural Landmark" sign and the brown "ranger" uniforms, Meteor Crater is a privately owned tourist attraction; an admission fee is charged.

I40 Exit 230: Two Guns

Position mouse cursor over this image to see historic photo circa 1948. Move mouse cursor off image to see my 2008 photo.

In the 1950's, in addition to this service station, the tourist stop at Two Guns included a store, cafe, and motel. Now the extensive ruins lie abandoned.

Among the attractions for the tourists was a menagerie of caged animals.

"Indian cliff dwellings," with rickety bridges over deep gorges.

Stone ruin and old Route 66 bridge over Canyon Diablo.

Giant cowboy (with two guns) and mountain man painted on water towers at the abandoned 1970's-era campground.

I40 Exit 219: Twin Arrows

The giant twin arrows attracted the attention of travelers on the
highway -- but later fell into disrepair. Photo taken: July 2008
The arrows were beautifully restored in the summer of 2009.
Photo taken: April 2010

To see more photos of the restored arrows, take a side trip to my Giant Arrows page.

Twin arrows included a service station, cafe and trading post.

To see more photos of Valentine Diners, take a side trip to my Valentine Diners page.

Old bridge west of Winona.

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