Buffalo Statues

I never really noticed bison statues before, but suddenly these monuments to the noble beast seem to be everywhere!

Flagstaff, Arizona


In the 1960's, Buffalo Park was an amusement park and menagerie which included elk, deer ... and bison. The animals are long gone; the only remaining vestiges of the original Buffalo Park are the entrance gateway and this bison statue which stands guard in front. The site is now a Flagstaff city park where one can hike, jog or bicycle in the shadow of the San Francisco Peaks.
Directions: 2400 N. Gemini Drive (north end of Gemini Drive, on the north edge of Flagstaff).
Last Visited: June 2008.

Valle, Arizona


I found this statue beside the highway on the way to the Grand Canyon, next to a motel and gas station. Why? I dunno. There were no signs, except one warning "Keep Off The Buffalo!"
Directions: 28 miles north of Williams on Highway 64, at the intersection of Highway 180 (NE corner of intersection).
Last Visited: June 2008.

Heber, Arizona


This bison -- along with many other metal animals -- stands in front of AZ Wildlife Gallery.
Directions: 1839 AZ-260.
Last Visited: July 2015.

Overgaard, Arizona


This small bison -- along with other metal animals -- stands in front of MJ Utah Connection Aluminum Statue.
Directions: 2824 AZ-260.
Last Visited: July 2019.

Snowflake, Arizona


This bison stands in front of the Thunder Realty office.
Directions: 1513 N. Main.
Last Visited: October 2009.

Show Low, Arizona

Statues may be seen at several locations along Highway 260 west of Show Low, advertising Bison Homes.
Last Visited: September 2010.

At the entrance to Bison Crossing, northeast side of Highway 260 (Clark Rd.) at Bison Parkway.

In front of a closed realty building, northeast side of Highway 260 (Clark Rd.) at Cooley Road.

At the entrance to Bison Ridge, southwest side of Highway 260 (Clark Rd.) at Bison Ridge Trail.

Holbrook, Arizona


This statue is small, but makes up for it by being surrounded by large pieces of petrified wood.
Directions: At Scotty & Son Towing and Auto Repair, corner of Navajo Boulevard and (appropriately enough) E. Buffalo Street.
Last Visited: July 2008.


This statue attracts tourists to the Painted Desert Indian Center.
Directions: East of Holbrook at Interstate 40 exit 303.
Last Visited: October 2009.

Williams, Arizona


Appropriately, this statue stands in front of the Buffalo Pointe Inn and Restaurant.
Directions: 437 W. Route 66.
Last Visited: July 2008.


I spotted this small bison in front of the Food Mart convenience store at a Chevron gas station.
Directions: 1050 N. Grand Canyon Blvd.
Last Visited: August 2018.

Seligman, Arizona


This giant is found in front of the shopping center that looks like an Old West town ... including a restaurant that serves Buffalo Burgers!
Directions: North side of Route 66.
Last Visited: July 2008.

Kohl's Ranch, Arizona


I photographed this statue through the fence of a gated property signed Kohl's Cattle Co.
Directions: 289 W. Kohl Rd (statue is at southwest corner of property).
Last Visited: July 2008.

Payson, Arizona


This statue is in front of Bison Homes' White Mountains Vacation Club Information Center.
Directions: Corner of Beeline Highway and McKamey Street.
Last Visited: October 2008.
Update: When I visited again in October 2009, the statue was gone and the business was closed (the statue may have been moved to Show Low -- see above).


This bison is one of many metal critters on display in front of the Art & Antique Corral.
Directions: Corner of Beeline Highway and Phoenix St.
Last Visited: October 2009.

On a return visit to the Art & Antique Corral in July 2010, I did not see the small buffalo above, but found the two new large buffalo shown below.



This smallish statue is just inside the door of the Buffalo Bar & Grill.
Directions: 311 S. Beeline Highway (at Bonita Street).
Last Visited: August 2013.

Scottsdale, Arizona


This is one of a pair of bison statues that guard the entrance to the Bison Museum.
Directions: 16641 North 91st Street (south of Bell Road).
Last Visited: June 2008.
Update: The museum closed in the summer of 2009; the fate of the statues is unknown (they may have migrated to Show Low -- see above).

Phoenix, Arizona


This colorful buffalo is found in front of Long Wong's Restaurant and Cantina.
Directions: 2812 E. Thomas Rd.
Last Visited: September 2008.


I spotted this buffalo hiding among the bric-a-brac in the front yard of a private residence.
Directions: 8009 W. Weldon Ave.
Last Visited: September 2009.

Cave Creek, Arizona


This buffalo stands on the roof of the Buffalo Chip Saloon.
Directions: 6811 E. Cave Creek Rd.
Last Visited: May 2009. Update November 2015: In November 2015 the Buffalo Chip Saloon was destroyed in a fire; news photos showed the buffalo statue upside down on the ground.


This buffalo in front of The Town Dump ("One of the world's most unusual stores") is for sale; asking price: $2800.
Directions: 6820 E. Cave Creek Rd.
Last Visited: May 2009.

Carefree, Arizona


These three buffalo stand on private property but are visible from a public street.
Directions: On southwest corner of Tom Darlington Drive (Scottsdale Road) and Languid Lane, one block north of Carefree Highway. Visible over the wall along the south side of Languid Lane.
Last Visited: September 2012.

Tucson, Arizona




These three bison live at Copper Country Antiques.
Directions: 5055 E. Speedway Blvd. (northwest corner of Speedway Blvd. and Rosemont Blvd.).
Last Visited: November 2015. Update December 2015: Copper Country Antiques is scheduled to close by the end of the month, and the buffalo statues (except for the one on the roof) will be sold off


Directions: In the front yard of 1936 N. Zarragoza Dr.
Last Visited: December 2019.

Newport Beach, California


Directions: Northeast corner of MacArthur Boulevard and Ford Road / Bonita Canyon Drive.
Last Visited: October 2010.

Morongo Valley, California


Directions: Willie Boy's Saloon, 50048 29 Palms Highway.
Last Visited: March 2011.

Vidal Junction, California


Two buffalo statues (one large and one small) stand on the roof of this service station.
Directions: 200 CA-62 (northwest corner of Highways 62 and 95).
Last Visited: May 2017 (gone in November 2018 Google Maps street view).

Desert Tower, Jacumba Hot Springs, California

I found three buffalo statues (full or partial) at this tourist attraction.
Directions: In-Ko-Pah Park Rd via I-8 exit 77. Open 9-5 daily (admission fee required to enter Desert Tower and Boulder Park).
Last Visited: October 2019.

One of many animals carved out of the granite of Boulder Park.

In a rock wall at the Desert Tower entrance.

A buffalo head, inside the Desert Tower.

Hole N" The Rock, Utah

[bizarre_buffalostatues10.jpg]   [bizarre_buffalostatues11.jpg]

Among the many unusual artworks on the grounds of Hole N" The Rock, I found these two small bison statues.
Directions: 11037 S. Highway 191 (12 miles south of Moab).
Last Visited: October 2008.

Kanab, Utah


This bison in front of the Kane County Office of Tourism is decorated with the scenenic and cinematic attractions of the area. The artwork by Arlene Sibley, titled "Film-Buff," was sponsored by the Utah Film Commission.
Directions: 78 S 100 E (U.S. 89 at E. 100 St.).
Last Visited: October 2014.

Eagle Nest, New Mexico


This bison stands in front of Spirit Wind Gallery.
Directions: 124 E. Therma St (U.S. Highway 64).
Last Visited: May 2019.

Monroe, Ohio


This statue inside the main entrance of the Trader's World flea market is billed as "Buffy -- Ohio's Biggest." It was formerly located on top of a restaurant in Indiana.
Directions: I75 Exit 29, east 3/4 mile on Highway 62. Fee to enter.
Last Visited: April 2008.

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