Ghosts Can't Spell

Decades ago, a friend told me a mnemonic for remembering how to spell the word cemetery: "Everyone there is at ease." Ever since, I've never forgotten that the word is spelled with all "e's" -- but apparently the residents of these cemeteries never learned that particular lesson!


Pioneer Cemetery, Congress, Arizona

When I visited this historic site in November 2007, I thought the handmade wooden sign at the cemetery proper was just an abberation, but then I checked the formal directional sign back at the main road!


On a return visit in October 2016, I noticed the sign on the main road had been corrected.


Directions: From Highway 89 in Congress, go west a short distance on Highway 71, then turn north on Ghost Town Road. Bear right at the "Y" with Gold Dollar Road, and after another half-mile turn right on a dirt road which is usually passable to passenger vehicles. After another another quarter-mile, turn left to the cemetery.

Last visited: October 2016.


Liberty Cemetery, Liberty, Arizona

More recently, I found the same spelling at the Liberty Cemetery. You'd think if someone was going to all the trouble of welding a big metal archway for the entrance to the cemetery, they'd take a moment to glance at a dictionary first!


Directions: On 207th Avenue just south of Highway 85, between Buckeye and Goodyear.

Last visited: July 2011.


Cemetery Road, Pine, Arizona

While driving through the small town of Pine in September 2011, I noticed this street sign. I didn't follow "Cemetary Road" to see if the cemetery itself also had a misspelled sign. On a return visit in August 2020, I noticed the sign had been corrected.


Directions: At the intersection of Highway 260/87 and Cemetery Road, at the south end of town.

Last visited: August 2020.


Haught Cemetery, Rye, Arizona

Again, someone went to an awful lot of trouble to make this ornate metal gate before they checked a dictionary. Curiously, a carved wooden sign nearby has the correct spelling.


Directions: On Forest Road 414, one mile northwest of the Rye interchange on Beeline Highway 87.

Last visited: July 2013.


Gisela Cemetery, Gisela, Arizona

Similar to the situation in Pine, the turnoff to the Gisela cemetery is marked with a misspelled street sign.

Directions: On Forest Road 417, one mile north of Gisela.

Last visited: June 2013.


Eagle Eye Cemetery, Aguila, Arizona

Again, someone went to an awful lot of trouble to make this welded-horseshoes highway sign before they checked a dictionary. The entrance gate has the correct spelling.


Directions: On Eagle Eye Road, 3.1 miles south of Route 60.

Last visited: January 2022.


Tubac Cementery, Tubac, Arizona

This unique spelling is probably a combination of the English word "cemetery" and the Spanish word "cementerio."

Directions: Southeast corner of Bridge Road and Burruel Street.

Last visited: December 2018.

Standard disclaimer: Sites are described for entertainment purposes only, as they were at the time of my last visit. I can not vouch for the current condition of the site or its accessibility.

Revised: September 15, 2023
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