Galleta Meadows Estates Sculptures

Borrego Springs, California

Those who drive the backroads around the desert town of Borrego Springs may suddenly find themselves face-to-face with a prehistoric monster! Galleta Meadows Estates landowner Dennis Avery has commisioned artist Ricardo Breceda to create and install dozens of welded steel sculptures in several locations around Borrego Valley as a multi-year "Sky Art" project. The animals represent species that roamed the area during the Pliocene-Pleistocene and Miocene eras, thousands to millions of years ago. Pause in your travels for a close-up look at these ferocious-looking beasts ... if you dare!




Giant Sloth






Wild Pig


Wild Sheep




Horse and Saber







Directions: The sculptures are installed along both sides of Borrego Springs Road, both north and south of the town of Borrego Springs. For a map, go to the Galleta Meadows web page.

Last visited: March 2010.

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