Giant Horseshoe Crab


Blanchester, Ohio

This particular crab is not only a giant, it's very well-traveled! At over 55 feet long and 25 feet wide, it is claimed to be the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab -- although I doubt there are many other contenders to that title! This colossal crustacean was originally designed for a maritime museum in Baltimore, then was moved to a creation museum in Kentucky. (Supposedly, the horseshoe crab disproves the theory of evolution because horseshoe crab fossils are identical to horseshoe crabs alive today. Uh-huh.) Now the giant crab dominates the scripture garden of the Freedom Worship Baptist Church in Blanchester, Ohio, where it is used as a pavilion; 60 people can fit inside!


Directions: 664 West Main Street.

Last visited: May 2008.

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Revised: June 7, 2008
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