Jail Tree


Wickenburg, Arizona

The sign near the base of this ancient tree claims "From 1863 to 1890, outlaws were chained to this tree for lack of a hoosegow -- escapes were unknown." There is some controversy over whether this is true or just another of the Wild West's tall tales. Fact or legend, it makes a good story. Nearby sits a rusting antique safe, and another sign identifies the species of the tree, Prosopis veluntina (Velvet Mesquite). In the year between my first visit (July 2008) and when I took this photo (July 2009), a statue of a prisoner had been added; press the button to hear his story of crime and punishment in the wild west.

Directions: In downtown Wickenburg, on the northeast corner of Highways 93 and 60 (behind the Circle K).

Last visited: July 2009.

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Revised: August 14, 2009
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