Giant Jesus Statue


Monroe, Ohio

Passersby on Interstate 75 north of Cincinnati can't help but notice this gigantic statue of the resurrected Christ, raising his arms to the heavens over the baptismal pool in front of the Solid Rock Church. The statue, officially titled "King of Kings," is the work of designer Brad Coriel and artist James Lynch, and is built of wood, fiberglass and styrofoam over a steel framework. According to the church web site, this is "reportedly ... the largest sculpture of Christ in America," has a height of 62 feet (other sources say 42 feet), and weighs approximately 16,000 pounds. Below are two inspirational views from behind the statue.

[bizarre_jesus2.jpg]   [bizarre_jesus3.jpg]

Update June 2010:

The Giant Jesus Statue was hit by lightning late on the evening of June 14, 2010, caught fire and burned to the ground. All that remains is the statue's charred steel skeleton. Damage to the statue and the adjacent theater was estimated at $700,000; there is no word at this time whether the church plans to rebuild the statue.

Update April 2011:

Construction started this month on a replacement statue! Named "Come Unto Me," it will be a more conventional representation of Jesus, a full-body figure standing on rocks above the surface of the pool, with arms extended in front. This time, the statue will be constructed of non-flammable materials and a lightning supression system -- good idea!

Update September 2012:

The new statuehas been completed! Lux Mundi, which translates as "Light of the World," is a more conventional full-body representation of Jesus, with arms extended forward.

Directions: 904 N. Union Rd. I75 Exit 29, east 3/4 mile on Highway 62, north 1 mile on N. Union Rd. Just north of Trader's World flea market.

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