Muffler Men

Long ago, a race of fiberglass giants held mufflers all across America. Only a few hardy survivors can be found, and most of those have had their mufflers taken away. Oh, the tragedy of this doomed race!

Cowboy Muffler Man

Prescott, Arizona

[bizarre_mufflermen5.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen6.jpg]

This muffler man has lost his muffler but has gained a cowboy hat. He now stands watch over a herd of books outside the Frontier Book Store.
Directions: 947 Fair Street.
Last Visited: September 2008.

Lumberjack Muffler Men

Flagstaff, Arizona

[bizarre_mufflermen3.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen4.jpg]

The lumberjack is the mascot of Northern Arizona University; one of these lumberjacks stands outside, and one inside, the Walkup Skydome stadium on the NAU campus. The pair was formerly located outside of the Lumberjack Cafe (now called Granny's Closet) on Route 66. According to my research, the lumberjack was the first type of Muffler Man that was produced, and one of this pair was the first Muffler Man ever built, in 1962.
Directions: East side of the Skydome, at the intersection of Pine Knoll Drive and McConnell Circle East.
Last Visited: June 2008.

Lumberjack Muffler Man

Phoenix, Arizona

[bizarre_mufflermen15.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen16.jpg]

This lumberjack was formerly located at Lumberjack Building Materials on Broadway Road, but now stands in the front yard of a private residence on the west side of Phoenix.
Directions: 8009 W. Weldon Avenue.
Last Visited: September 2009.

Lumberjack Muffler Man

Tucson, Arizona

[bizarre_mufflermen9.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen10.jpg]

Another lumberjack, this one standing guard over a parking lot.
Directions: 2811 N. Stone Avenue (northwest corner of Stone Avenue and Glenn Street).
Last Visited: November 2008.

Cowboy Muffler Man

Tucson, Arizona

[bizarre_mufflermen38.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen39.jpg]

This cowboy, a fan of the University of Arizona Wildcats, stands in front of Cummings Plumbing.
Directions: 5141 N. Casa Grande Highway (frontage road on west side of Interstate 10 between exits 251 and 252).
Last Visited: February 2016.

Cowboy Muffler Man

Yuma, Arizona

[bizarre_mufflermen11.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen12.jpg]

Another cowboy, this one wearing a deputy badge and holding a rifle.
Directions: Westward Village R.V. Park, 3330 S. 8th Avenue.
Last Visited: November 2008.

Cowboy Muffler Man

Gallup, New Mexico

[bizarre_mufflermen17.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen18.jpg]

Yet another cowboy, this one on the roof of a used-car dealership.
Directions: John's Used Cars, 416 W. Coal Avenue.
Last Visited: October 2009.

Lumberjack Muffler Man

Albuquerque, New Mexico

[bizarre_mufflermen19.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen20.jpg]

Formerly atop a lumber yard, this lumberjack now stands above a Vietnamese Restaurant. Evidently he was not made from the same fiberglass mold as the "original" lumberjack muffler men, but is a close imitation.
Directions: Vietnamese May Cafe, 111 Louisiana Boulevard SE (southwest corner of Louisiana Boulevard and Central Avenue).
Last Visited: April 2010.

Muffler Man

Farmington, New Mexico

[B500_DSCN1009_mod.jpg]   [B500_DSCN1005_mod.jpg]

"Sunny the Big Man" stands high above Sun Glass business.
Directions: 602 W. Main St, Farmington, New Mexico.
Last Visited: July 2022.

Nautical Muffler Man

Mentone, California

[bizarre_mufflermen13.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen14.jpg]

Another lumberjack, this one holding a board from which hang life preservers, propellers, and an outboard motor.
Directions: On the roof of a private residence, 1947 Garnet St. (1 block north of Mill Creek Road aka Highway 38).
Last Visited: December 2008.

Muffler Man

Compton, California

[bizarre_mufflermen21.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen22.jpg]

This classic Muffler Man holds nothing, not even a muffler -- even though he stands in front of a business that advertises muffler service! When I visited (October 2010), the business was closed and for sale, so the future of this Muffler Man is in doubt.
Directions: King's Auto Transmissons, 505 S. Crane Ave. (Corner of Myrrh and Crane).
Last Visited: October 2010.

Golfer Muffler Man

Carson, California


This Muffler Man, located adjacent to the Dominguez Hills Golf Course, wears a cap and holds a golf club. The photo is lousy because I took it through the windshield of a moving vehicle on Interstate 405.
Directions: Golf course is at 19800 S. Main Street (Muffler Man is visible on the southwest side of I-405, just southeast of the I-110 interchange).
Last Visited: October 2010 (Update November 2012: Muffler man is no longer holding the golf club).

Salsa Man

Malibu, California

[bizarre_mufflermen24.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen25.jpg]

This Muffler Man originally held a hamburger, then he was given a sombrero and the bottom half of the hamburger bun was changed into a platter and filled with Mexican food. Now the food is gone but the platter remains.
Directions: La Salsa Mexican Restaurant, 22800 W. Pacific Coast Highway.
Last Visited: October 2010.

Lumberjack Muffler Man

Van Nuys, California

[bizarre_mufflermen26.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen27.jpg]

This lumberjack, named "Kevin" after the owner of the Tuneup Masters that he stands in front of, has had his beard painted over.
Directions: 15237 Sherman Way (just east of Sepulveda Boulevard).
Last Visited: October 2010.

Muffler Man

Los Angeles, California

[bizarre_mufflermen30.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen31.jpg]

This Muffler Man, known as "Tony," holds a toy car in front of Tony's Transmissions in the City Terrace area of Los Angeles.
Directions: 3900 City Terrace Drive (just south of I-10 at exit 20).
Last Visited: October 2010 (reported gone August 2023).

Muffler Man

East Los Angeles, California

[bizarre_mufflermen36.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen37.jpg]

This Muffler Man, known as "Sergio," stands in front of a repair shop called Automobile Alley.
Directions: 590 N. Mission Road (on the corner of Gallardo Street, 1 block north of Cesar Chavez Avenue).
Last Visited: March 2011.

Muffler Man

El Monte, California

[bizarre_mufflermen32.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen33.jpg]

This Muffler Man, named "Edwin," holds a golf club in front of the El Monte Sign Company.
Directions: 2710 Santa Anita Avenue (just south Garvey Avenue).
Last Visited: October 2010.

Muffler Man

Escondido, California

[bizarre_mufflermen34.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen35.jpg]

This true Muffler Man holds a muffler in front of Joor Muffler Service.
Directions: 302 E. Valley Parkway (at Juniper Street).
Last Visited: December 2010.

Cowboy Muffler Man

Mecca, California

[bizarre_mufflermen40.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen41.jpg]

This Muffler Man was in front of El Tompa Mini Mart in the town of Mecca, but in February 2018 was moved to the town of Joshua Tree.
Directions: 93243 State Highway 111, Mecca California.
Last Visited: March 2017 (now gone).

Cowboy Muffler Man

Joshua Tree, California

[bizarre_mufflermen42.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen43.jpg]

In February 2018, this Muffler Man was moved from the town of Mecca, California to The Station Joshua Tree souvenir store and given a new paint job.
Directions: 61943 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, California.
Last Visited: March 2020.

Mortimer Snerd Muffler Man

Dallas, Texas

[bizarre_mufflermen46.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen47.jpg]

This rare Muffler Man model is oficially known as "Mortimer Snerd" but strongly resembles Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman. This one stands in front of Ken's Muffler & Brakes.
Directions: 3537 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas.
Last Visited: June 2018 (reported gone June 2022).

Mortimer Snerd Muffler Man

Dallas, Texas

[bizarre_mufflermen48.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen49.jpg]

Another "Mortimer Snerd" Muffler Man. This one stands in front of Ken's Auto Repair and Muffler.
Directions: 4212 N Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas.
Last Visited: June 2018.

Muffler Man

Dallas, Texas

[bizarre_mufflermen50.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen51.jpg]

This Muffler Man stands in front of Reyes Muffler.
Directions: 308 W Illinois Avenue, Dallas, Texas.
Last Visited: June 2018.

Indian Chief Muffler Man

San Antonio, Texas

[SX50_IMG_36352_mod.jpg]   [SX50_IMG_36356_mod.jpg]

This Indian Chief Muffler Man stands in front of the Superior Hyundai auto dealership.
Directions: 4800 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas.
Last Visited: September 2021.

Cowboy Muffler Man

Boerne, Texas

[SX50_IMG_36365_mod.jpg]   [SX50_IMG_36370_mod.jpg]

This Cowboy Muffler Man holds a branding iron in front of the Ford of Boerne auto dealership.
Directions: 31480 W 10 Frontage Rd, Boerne, Texas.
Last Visited: September 2021.

Cowboy Muffler Man

Monroe, Ohio


This muffler man has been turned into a cowboy, and has had surgery to turn his left arm vertical.
Directions: I75 Exit 29, east 3/4 mile on Highway 62, north 1/2 mile on N. Union Rd. In field on north side of Trader's World flea market (best seen from Trader's World parking lot -- fee to enter).
Last Visited: April 2008.

Swim Trunks Man

Hampton, Minnesota

[bizarre_mufflermen7.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen8.jpg]

This giant stands in front of Tom Eilen and Sons Trucking, so I can kind of understand why he is holding a rope attached to the front of a truck. But why is he wearing only a pair of yellow swim trunks? Near him are smaller statues of a Viking and a gorilla -- I understand the reference to the Minnesota Vikings, but why a gorilla???
Directions: 22500 Hampton Boulevard (1 mile northwest of Hampton on County Road 50).
Last Visited: September 2008.

Carpeteria Genie

Cincinnati, Ohio


Technically not a muffler man, this two-faced genie formerly held a giant roll of carpet at Aladdin Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles, California. Now it holds up only the sky, in the parking lot of Cincinnati's American Sign Museum (tours by appointment only).
Directions: 2515 Essex Place (at McMillan Street).
Last Visited: April 2008.

Carpeteria Genie

North Hollywood, California

[bizarre_mufflermen28.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen29.jpg]

This genie holds a sign in the shape of a carpet roll (and badly needs a paint job).
Directions: L&S Carpet, 7007 Laurel Canyon Boulevard (at Hart Street, just south of Sherman Way).
Last Visited: October 2010.

Carpeteria Genie

Las Vegas, Nevada

[bizarre_mufflermen44.jpg]   [bizarre_mufflermen45.jpg]

This genie now holds the sign for a flooring store.
Directions: 4221 W. Charlston Bl, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Last Visited: October 2017.

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