Nothing, Arizona


News flash! Once again, there's something at Nothing!

In the year since I took the photos of the deserted site of Nothing at the bottom of this page (July 2008) and my latest visit when I took these photos (July 2009), the "town" has been reborn! The property has been bought by Pizza Man Mike, is open for business. We spoke with Bonnie and Tim (who, plus one dog, bring the population back up to four), and found them to be genuinely friendly and enthusiastic about their plans for gradually renovating this middle-of-nowhere business. My daughter and I each had one of Bonnie's personal pizzas, and declared them to be excellent; the wood-fired crust was perfectly done, and the fresh ingedients were delicious. Best of all for the traveler in a hurry, the pizzas only take about 90 seconds to cook! Next time you're traveling between Wickenburg and Kingman, make it a point to stop at Nothing and buy a pizza and some souvenirs -- your patronage will help keep Nothing something!

Bonnie in her wood-fired pizza oven trailer.

Photos of Nothing taken in July 2008:


The town of Nothing used to be something: a rock shop, gas station, garage and store. And, as the sign reminds us, a population of four. Now, there is nothing here but abandoned buildings falling into ruin.


Directions: Between Wickenburg and Kingman, on the east side of Highway 93 between mile markers 148 and 149.

Last visited: July 2009. Update February 2011: Reportedly, Pizza Man Mike and his crew have pulled out and Nothing is once again deserted; I have not visited the site to confirm this.

Standard disclaimer: Sites are described for entertainment purposes only, as they were at the time of my last visit. I can not vouch for the current condition of the site or its accessibility.

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