Pyramid on Shea


Phoenix, Arizona

If this appearance of this pyramid-capped building is strikingly unusual, the story behind it is even more bizarre. It was built in 1968 by an eccentric Pentecostal preacher named Neal Frisby, who claimed he was commanded by God to build this 4000-seat cathedral in a then-remote section of desert on the outskirts of Phoenix. He first named the building Capstone Auditorium, then later Capstone Cathedral. In the 1980's, Frisby and his pyramid were a common sight on Phoenix television, in commercials and broadcasts of his sermons. By the 1990's, the city had grown to surround the cathedral, and the real estate had become extremely valuable. Shortly before Frisby died in 2005, he unexpectedly gave the cathedral to Robert Brooks, a former NFL football player that Frisby had met only months before. More name changes followed; the facility became Capstone Center, and as of this writing (2009) is operated by Brooks as the Trendsetters Church International.

Below is a panoramic photo that shows the entire building.


Update December 2012: As seen in the photo below, several of the lower panels have been removed from the structure, making it look less like a pyramid.


Directions: 4633 E. Shea Boulevard (south side of Shea Boulevard just west of Tatum Boulevard).

Last visited: December 2012.

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