Saguaro Cell Towers

[bizarre_saguaro1.jpg]   [bizarre_saguaro2.jpg]

Fountain Hills, Arizona

These saguaros may look about as realistic as the cartoon cactuses in a Roadrunner cartoon, but you gotta give them credit for at least trying to blend in with the desert landscape. In the left photo, note the fake rock to disguise the electronic equipment at the base of the "cactus."

Directions: Left photo: On west side of Technology Drive, just south of Shea Blvd. Right photo: 9800 N. Summer Hill Boulevard, at entrance to the Inn at Eagle Mountain.

Last visited: February 2008.


Cave Creek, Arizona

Directions: Behind the Desert Foothills Library, 38443 N. Schoolhouse Road.

Last visited: January 2010.

[bizarre_saguaro4.jpg]   [bizarre_saguaro5.jpg]

Carefree, Arizona

The "cactus" in the left photo was almost good enough to fool me; I did a double-take as I was riding by on my bike. The trunk is shaped like a real saguaro, and there are even painted-on clusters of "cactus spines" running up and down the trunk! Again, note the fake rocks at the base of each "cactus."

Directions: Left photo: East side of Pima Road at Carefree Drive (private property but easily visible from outside of fence). Right photo: At Apache Clubhouse, Prospect Point Drive just east of Desert Mountain Parkway (private gated community).

Last visited: January 2011.

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