Taliesin West


Scottsdale, Arizona

Frank Lloyd Wright was a master of light and color, transforming space and air into beautiful living and working spaces through the art of architecture. Taliesin West was the late architect's winter home and studio (the original Taliesin is in Wisconsin), and is still used as a working architectural school. The unconventional design subtly integrates the buildings into the surrounding desert landscape. Angles are everywhere, leading the eye to pleasing intersections of sky and stone. To walk the grounds of Taliesin West is to be curiously calmed and connected; just as the architecture becomes part of the landscape, the observer becomes part of the architecture.

The entrance to Taliesin West: stone, water, light, angles -- all are boldly introduced.

Redwood timbers and canvas roofs allow natural light to illuminate the interior spaces. Wright's private office in background.

The Studio. Water is used as an architectural element.

Studio facade. Building materials include rock and sand collected from nearby desert washes.

The glass-enclosed dining room dramatically ties together the interior and exterior spaces.

The powerful desert light is directed and softened as it passes into the inner spaces of the compound.

The form and color of the desert compliment the buildings.

Music Pavilion. A dramatic space flooded with natural light.

Cabaret Theater. An entire wall of natural side-light combined with countless points of light on the ceiling.

Directions: Taliesin West is entered from the intersection of Cactus Road and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. For tour schedules and fees, visit www.franklloydwright.org.

Revised: April 6, 2009
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