Patton's Iron Mountain Camp, California


Iron Mountain was one of the desert camps used by General George Patton to train his army troops for North Africa campaign of World War II; it was active from March 1942 to April 1944. Besides this rock wall from the camp chapel, little remains to be seen at the camp besides rock-lined streets. One of the camp's most impressive features was a huge scale topographic model of the surrounding desert region used to plan maneuvers, but at the time of my visit (1995) the miniature mountain ranges had pretty much weathered away. Although its physical remains are few, Iron Mountain Camp remains a testament to the great sacrifices made by so many, so long ago.

Directions: From Twentynine Palms, take Highway 62 east for about 50 miles to the intersection with Highway 177. Continue on Highway 62 for another 1.1 miles, turn left and go northeast on a gravel poleline road. Another 2.5 miles brings you to a sign and the camp fence; gates allowing access to the site are further along the road.

Revised: July 20, 2008
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