Mormon Dairy, Arizona

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The Mormon Dairy historic site sits alone on a country road, several miles north of the small mountain community of Mormon Lake. This remote location gave me the opportunity to do some creative late-night photography of the site, which consists of a small stone cabin and a historic marker. Here's the text from the plaque in the monument:



Between 1876 and 1886, Hyrum Judd, under the direction of Lot Smith, supervised a Mormon dairy one mile northeast near Dairy Spring. Beginning with a herd of 115 cows, large quantities of butter and cheese were produced. During the 1880's the herd almost doubled in number, and dairy products were delivered to residents of distant Brigham City, Sunset, and St. Joseph, Arizona. Judd closed the dairy in 1886 and moved his family to the Mormon colony at Chuichupa, Chihuahua, Mexico.

By Scott L. Mickelson, Eagle Scout Project and Arizona Historical Society, 1986


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