Stanton, Arizona


Ever since reading about the Hotel Stanton's "gracefully angled front corner" in Philip Varney's Arizona's Best Ghost Towns in 1983, I had wanted to visit Stanton and see the building for myself. 24 years later, I finally made the trip! Luckily, the hotel and a couple of other original buildings had been preserved in good condition. This photo was taken looking out the windows of that front corner; the room is now a billiard hall maintained for the use of the town's residents. A sign on the front of the hotel gives the town's history:

Originally called Antelope Station, founded in 1863 by prospectors along Antelope Creek. By 1868 there were 3500 residents. Proclaimed the greatest luminary of the gem stone world, $100,000,000 in gold, garnets and gems recovered. Today the total continues to rise. OWNED BY THE LOST DUTCHMAN'S MINING ASSN.

The turnoff to the town of Stanton is 2 miles northeast of Congress, Arizona, on Highway 89; a graded dirt road passable to a passenger car leads another 6 miles to the townsite. At the time of my visit (November 2007), the townsite was open to the public during daylight hours. No entrance fee is charged, but visitors must register. The Lost Dutchman's Mining Association operates the town as an active RV park; please respect the privacy of the residents.

Revised: December 15, 2007
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