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Here are a few examples of high-resolution images I can send you immediately by e-mail attachment, FTP, or on CD-ROM.

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Title High-res Image Size (pixels)
  planets_000202_15_s.jpg Venus and the Moon 2884 x 2396
  planets_02_s.jpg Sentinel-Schwaar Star Gaze 1793 x 1317
  planets_01_s.jpg Moon & Mercury 1598 x 2610
  planets_040206_34_s.jpg Moonset in the Belt of Venus 3550 x 2395
  planets_040504_35_s.jpg Telephoto Moonrise 3449 x 2308
  planets_030821_20_s.jpg Moon and Morning Sky 2397 x 3644
  planets_031227_11_s.jpg Venus Through Natural Arch, With Moon 3587 x 2340
  planets_031227_10_s The Eye of Venus 3558 x 2413
  planets_030515_26_s.jpg The Total Lunar Eclipse of May 15, 2003 2220 x 2749
  planets_031228_17_s.jpg Venus and Ocotillos 3398 x 2358
  planets_040423_32_s.jpg Moon, Mars, and Venus with Saguaro Cactus 2347 x 3578
  planets_050906_02_s.jpg Venus-Jupiter-Moon-Spica 2407 x 3033
  planets_051225_02_s.jpg Moon and Spica 3195 x 2415
  sun_010321_2_s.jpg The Day After Equinox 3326 x 2245
  vlasundogs1_s.jpg Sun Dogs at the Very Large Array 2367 x 1448
  sun_020610_35_s.jpg The Partial Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2002 2385 x 3392
  stars_08_s.jpg Orion by Moonlight 2350 x 3432
  stars_09_s.jpg Starwind 2397 x 3608
  stars_10_s.jpg Ursa Major and Minor 2397 x 3675
  trails_01_s.jpg Saguaro Cactus with Southern Star Trails 3612 x 2423
  trails_09_s.jpg Star Trails West 2417 x 3548
  trails_021227_5_s.jpg Polaris Star Trails 3580 x 2399
  trails_05_s.jpg Seeking Symmetry 2295 x 3612
  trails_030322_16a_s.jpg Orion Star Trails 3054 x 2238
  trails_030510_5_s.jpg Meadow Star Trails 3320 x 2260
  trails_040320_16_s.jpg Venus, Mars and Pleiades 2970 x 2445
  trails_040320_17_s.jpg Polaris Star Trails and Ocotillos 3353 x 2445
  trails_040312_11_s.jpg Saguaro Cactus with Northern Star Trails 2399 x 3580
  trails_031227_12_s.jpg The Hub of the Universe 3580 x 2400
  trails_031228_18_s.jpg Saturn and Orion 3580 x 2400
  trails_031228_20_s.jpg Orion and Sirius 2429 x 3574
  trails_000313_35_s.jpg Carrizo Badlands 2422 x 3561
  trails_000313_36_s.jpg Night on West Mesa 2341 x 3315
  trails_050316_32_s.jpg Scorpius Star Trails 3084 x 2465
  trails_050312_17_s.jpg Orion Unfocused 2303 x 3000
  trails_050625_35_s.jpg Forest Fire Star Trails 3636 x 2420
  hyaku3a_s.jpg Comet Hyakutake with Saguaro Cactus 2400 x 2869
  hyakutake2_s.jpg Comet Hyakutake Close-up 3650 x 2421
  hale-bopp_970323_15_s.jpg Comet Hale-Bopp with Saguaro Cactus 1607 x 2560
  hale-bopp_970309_23_s.jpg Comet Hale-Bopp with Milky Way and North America Nebula 745 x 1067
  hale-bopp_970329_22_s.jpg Comet Hale-Bopp in Andromeda 2364 x 3388
  hale-bopp970405_5_s.jpg Comet Hale-Bopp Close-up 3188 x 2349
  hale-bopp_970405_11_s.jpg Comet Hale-Bopp with Joshua Trees on Horizon 3296 x 2423
  meteors_970812_5_plain_s.jpg Perseid Fireball 3020 x 2428
  meteors_020813_11_s.jpg Perseid and Andromeda Galaxy 3613 x 2400
  meteors_010624_10_s.jpg Iridium Flare Across The Milky Way 1600 x 1089
  meteors_9609_34_s.jpg Meteor Crater 3306 x 2408
  meteors_040909_31_s.jpg International Space Station, Lyra and Cygnus 3585 x 2425
  atmospheric_03_s.jpg The Zodiacal Light 2405 x 3573
  atmospheric_9107_5_s.jpg Rainbow Falls 3580 x 2430
  atmospheric_051021_04_s.jpg Moon Halo 3495 x 2461
  lightning_040818_18_s.jpg Kapow! 2202 x 2375
  lightning_040818_16_s.jpg South Mountain Strike 3282 x 2273
  lightning_040818_23_s.jpg South Mountain Panorama 3631 x 1694
  baker_lakebed_s.jpg Lakebed Near Baker, California 2146 x 1448
  landscapes_05_s.jpg The Mysterious Moving Rocks 2141 x 1507
  landscapes_trona1_s.jpg Desert Monoliths 2940 x 2060
  landscapes_grandcanyon1_s.jpg Mather Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona 2441 x 3573
  wildlife_bobcat1_S.jpg Bobcat, Paria Canyon - Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness 3585 x 2416
  subway1.jpg Subway Cave 3454 x 2201

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