Alamo Lake Slot Canyons

North of Alamo Lake in western Arizona, several desert washes have cut down through a layer of sandstone, forming a set of narrow passages known as slot canyons. As I hiked through each of the slot canyons, around each bend I discovered a unique artistic arrangement of water-carved rock. But even if you manage to visit this location, you will never see the same canyons that I captured in these photographs. The sand and boulders will never be arranged on the canyon floors in quite the same way. The light will never reflect from the canyon walls exactly as I saw it; the sun will be at a different angle, the sky will be a different shade of blue ... or hazy ... or overcast. Lastly, although I hope that you will find this place as enchanting as I did, your experience will be your own -- for nature's beauty is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder.

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[landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4221_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4223_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4230_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4232_s.jpg]

[landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4233_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4234_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4235_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4241_s.jpg]

[landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4242_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4243_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4244_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4248_s.jpg]

[landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4249_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4250_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4251_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4252_s.jpg]

[landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4253_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4254_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4257_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4258_s.jpg]

[landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4259_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4260_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4261_s.jpg]         [landscapes_alamo_SX50_IMG_4262_s.jpg]

Revised: April 20, 2016
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