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Here are some web sites that I use to predict the visibility of the aurora (Northern Lights).

I am indebted to Stan Richard and Chris Grohusko for providing many of these links and words of guidance.
This plots the aurora K-index every 3 hours. Chris' rule of thumb: if K-index hits 7 or higher, there's a good chance that aurora can be seen from a dark-sky site in the southern US. A recorded message with the same information: (303) 497-3235
A similar chart, but updated more often and with a prediction for the next couple of hours.
Stan says: "Watch the Bz line - it's the red line on the top graph. If it goes to -20 and stays there, we're in good shape."
Stan says: "This one combines the solar wind speed and Bz, we need the little box to go way down in the red area."
This site has the latest aurora forecasts and recent photos, and an automated e-mail alert system that you can sign up for.
This is another automated e-mail alert system (from Sky & Telescope magazine).

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