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The Total Solar Eclipse of February 26, 1998

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Location: Island of Guadeloupe, Eastern Caribbean Sea.
Date: February 26, 1998
Camera: Olympus OM-1 35mm SLR, on fixed tripod.
Film: Fuji Provia 100 slide.
Lens: 200mm at f/4 with 3X Teleconverter (effective 600mm at f/11).
1st image (uneclipsed sun): Time: 12:45pm, Exposure: 1/60 second, with filter.
2nd image (10% eclipsed): Time: 1:15pm, Exposure: 1/60 second, with filter.
3rd image (30% eclipsed): Time: 1:33pm, Exposure: 1/60 second, with filter.
4th image (60% eclipsed): Time: 2:00pm, Exposure: 1/60 second, with filter.
5th image (totality): Time: 2:30pm, Exposure: 1/30 second, no filter.
6th image (totality): Time: 2:30pm, Exposure: 1/4 second, no filter.
7th image (totality): Time: 2:31pm, Exposure: approximately 2 seconds, no filter.
Scanned using a Nikon Coolscan LS-10E 35mm film scanner.

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