Sentinel Stargaze: Star Party Trails


April 17, 1999

In this wide-angle view of the star party site, looking west, we see the city glow of Yuma on the horizon. The bright star trail on the left is Sirius. In the center is the constellation Orion; above Orion is Procyon. The brightest streak to lower right is the setting planet Venus. Notice how the stars in Orion's belt make straight streaks, because they are on the celestial equator. The stars to the right curve around the north celestial pole; the stars to the left curve around the south celestial pole. People walking among the vehicles with red flashlights illuminated the foreground.

This photograph appeared on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site on May 21, 1999.

The Sentinel Stargaze is sponsored annually by the Saguaro Astronomy Club.

Date: April 17, 1999
Time: 9:15 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.
Location: Sentinel, Arizona
Camera: Olympus OM-1 35mm SLR on fixed tripod
Film: Fuji Provia 100F slide
Focal length: 24 mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Exposure time: 2 hours
Scanner: Nikon Coolscan LS-2000

Revised: May 23, 2007
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